National Health Service

The National Health Service - SSN is the combination of duties and charitable activities that carry out the regional health services, the State, Entities and institutions nationwide to ensure the protection of health. The health is a fundamental right of each individual and a collective interest, while respecting the dignity and freedom of the human person (Article 1 of Legislative Decree of 30 December 1992, n. 502). The term was introduced in the health reform (Law No. 833 of 23 December 1978).

The SSN is not a sole administration, but it is is a public system that consists of: Ministry of Health, Government institutions at national level (National Health Council, National Institute of Health, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Prevention, Agency for Regional Health Services, Institute for Hospitalization and Care Scientific Institute Experimental Zooprophylactic, Italian Medicines Agency) and regional health services (including the regions and autonomous provinces, local health care and hospitals).