In the event of a landslide

Remember that when there is a landslide there are no houses or walls to stop it. Only somewhere higher up will offer you safety.
Landslides often start moving all of a sudden, like mudslides: avoid going near areas where there have already been slips, especially during thunderstorms and heavy downpours.

What to do

Before a landslide
• Contact your local council to see if there are any risks of landslides in the domestic territory;
• From a safe position, carefully observe the land around you to see if there are signs of small landslides or slight alterations in the land: small changes in morphology can sometimes be considered as a forewarning of landslides;
• In some cases, cracks or fissures will appear in buildings and walls may tend to rotate or move before a landslide;
• Listen to the radio or watch TV for any warnings about bad weather. It is important to keep
• listening to the radio or watch TV during and after the event to follow developments;
• Keep away from watercourses or gullies where there could be a possibility of mud sliding down rapidly.

During a landslide
• If the landslide is coming towards you or is underneath you, get away as quickly as possible and try to reach higher or anyhow safer ground;
• If you can’t escape then curl yourself up into a ball and protect your head;
• Always look towards the landslide being careful of not be hit by stones or other objects as they bounce down;
• Never stop under poles or pylons: they could collapse or fall down;
• Never go near the edge of a landslide, it’s unstable;
• If you are driving along a road and you come up against a landslide that has just fallen, try to warn any other cars approaching about the danger.

After a landslide
• Go away from the landslide area. There might be a risk of other slips or landslides;
• Look to see if anyone is injured or trapped in the landslide area, without going there yourself. If so tell the rescue workers about these people;
• Check to see if anyone needs assistance, especially children, older people or disabled persons;
• Landslides can often disrupt electricity lines, gas and water mains as well as roads and railways. Report any interruptions to the competent authorities;
• If any gas is escaping from an apartment building, do NOT enter to turn it off. Check for a gas cock outside the building, if there is one turn it off. Report this to the Fire Brigade or other qualified personnel.