In case of wood fire

 To avoid fire
• Do not throw cigarette butts or matches still burning; they can ignite the dry grass.
• It is forbidden and dangerous to light a fire in the woods. Use only equipped areas. Never leave a fire unattended and before you leave make sure it is completely extinguished
• If you park your car make sure that the muffler is not in contact with the dry grass. Hot muffler could ignite the grass easily
• Do not dump waste in the forests and illegal dumping. They are a dangerous fuel
• Do not burn, without the necessary security measures, the stubble, straw or other agricultural waste. In a few minutes you could lose control of the fire

If the fire is under way
• If you sight smoke or a fire call 1515 to raise the alarm. Do not think that others have already done so. Provide the necessary information to locate the fire
• Find a safe escape route: a road or a waterway. do not stop in places to which the wind blows. You might be caught between the flames and no longer have an escape route
• Get down to earth in a place where there is vegetation on fire. the smoke tends to rise and this way you avoid to breath it in
• If you have no choice, try to cross the fire where is less intense to go towards the already burnt areas. This way you walk towards a safe place. But remember: only if you have no choice!
• The fire is not a show, do not stop at the roadside. You would be in the way of rescuers and necessary communications required to manage the emergency