In case of a hurricane

Powerful winds associated with a hurricane, or cyclone, may provoke the fall of objects and structures, even of large dimensions, breking of tree branches and shop windows. Storm surges and coastal or inland flooding may occuer as well.
Before, during and after the event follow the indications of local authorities and constantly be informed through the internet, radio or TV. t

Below you will find general rules of conduct.


- Move away from the coast and get on high ground or look for a shelter inside a building. 
- If you are driving, be extremely careful as strong winds might make your vehicle swerve. Reduce speed and reach the nearest safe place - preferably a building in brickwork - avoiding to stop beneath bridges, overpasses, structures and objects that might fall down (such as lampposts, scaffolding, etc.).
- Electric cables might detach.If you are inside a car and get hit, stay inside the vehicle and wait for help.
- Limit the use of your mobile phone. Keeping phone lines free to facilitate rescue operations. 


- Do not go out, not even to secure goods or vehicles.
- Shut doors, windows and shutters.
- Find shelter in the move to the most internal room of the house or in a corridor, in order to stay well away from windows and doors.
- Move away from basements and ground floors and go to higher floors.
- If possible, avoid the highest floor. Strong winds could damage the roofs in vulnerable buildings
- If possible, put extra protections to windows and glass windows
- Bring your pets indoors.
- Shut the gas and deactivate the electric panel if the plants are in the lower floors.
- If you live in a mobile house (caravan, prefabricated module, camping) look for a shelter in a sturdy and safe building.
- Keep at hand documents, essential medicines, batteries, a flashlight, battery operated radio, mobile phone, bottled water.
- Limit the use of your mobile phone. Keeping phone lines free to facilitate rescue operations.
- Even if the phenomen seems to slow down, do not leave your house. Wait for instructions from the authorities.