In case of a fall of volcanic ashes

The fall of volcanic ash, even for prolonged periods, it’s not a serious health risk. However, prolonged exposure to the thinnest ashes (less than 10 microns) can cause moderate respiratory disorders. In addition, contact with eyes may cause conjunctivitis and corneal abrasions. Therefore, you should take some precautions and take appropriate behaviours to reduce exposure, especially for certain categories of people: people with chronic respiratory diseases (asthma, emphysema, etc.). people with heart diseases; elderly people and children

  • During the fall of ashes (or during windy days if the ash is already on the ground) it is recommended to stay indoors with the windows closed or otherwise going out taking care to wear a mask to be protected against dust and, possibly, dust resistant safety goggles. These self-protection devices are particularly suitable for the groups at risk mentioned above and for those who perform professional activities outdoors
  • Avoid rubbing your eyes if you wear contact lenses; instead wash them thoroughly with water
  • Remove periodically ashes from your environments, taking care to advance the wet the surface in advance, in order to avoid the lifting and re-suspension of thinner parts. During these operations wear the above devices for self-protection
  • Make sure to periodically remove the ash accumulated on the roofs of the houses, with the aid of appropriate security (scaffolding and harnesses), in order to avoid an excessive overload on the roofs and prevent collapses, and clogging of the gutters
  • Do not scatter the ashes along the roads, but collect them in bags to be placed in the collection points identified by the municipality. Ashes, in fact, can clog drainage and sewage networks and constitute a danger for road traffic
  • Drive carefully in the stretches of roads covered with ash
  • Avoid the use of motorcycles
  • Fruit and vegetables possibly covered with ash can be consumed only after a thorough washing
  • Companion animals (dogs, cats, etc.) should be kept at home
  • Volcanic ash ingested by grazing animals can have serious consequences on the digestive system. Therefore, in case of abundant ash fall, it is advisable to supply the livestock with ashless forage