Igag - Institute of Environmental Geology and Geoengineering

It is an institute of the National Research Council - CNR. It performs knowledge development activities in the field of hydrogeological and hydraulic risk by developing guidelines and operational procedures.

Coordinates other technical and scientific entities for the evaluation, monitoring, and mitigation of geological, hydrogeological, and geochemical risks in urban areas and waste storage and disposal sites, also through integration with satellite and GPS data; is responsible for the design, development and implementation of geological-technical databases integrated into Gis systems, and technical-scientific support for the operational management of geographic information systems for the assessment, evaluation and monitoring of risk factors in vulnerable areas; develops and approves methods for making spatial models of physical-mechanical and geochemical parameters in urban areas, in support of seismic microzonation studies and hydrogeological and geochemical risk assessment.

The Institute performs marine and coastal risk knowledge development activities and plans, coordinates, and evaluates bathymetric surveys with different institutions and research units. It is responsible for producing seafloor risk mapping, developing seafloor information management and archiving systems, and providing technical and scientific advice on submarine instability and any other procedures on the seafloor potentially dangerous to people and infrastructures. Lastly, it provides training and support to the Department's personnel on themes and techniques specific to marine geology and geophysics.