Hystorical archive

The historical civil protection archive contains about 15,000 documents relating to natural disasters occurred in Italy from 1908 to present. The documentation is the result of several acquisitions of material from other governmental departments that dealt with civil protection before the birth of the Department, established in 1982 at the Presidency of the Council of Ministers.

The archive centre contains material from:

Ministry of Public Works - Directorate General of Special Services (1908-1976);
Ministry of the Interior - Cabinet (1945-1982);
Ministry of the Interior - General Directorate of Civil Protection and Fire Prevention Services (1965-1990).

We are currently creating a virtual catalogue of the documents in the archive and have already launched a database set up.
The archival materials are available to external users for study and research.

To visit and browse through the archive, please write to:
Civil Protection Department 
Via Ulpiano, n. 11, cap 00193, Roma.

Tel. 0668204146
Fax 0668204000
e-mail: comunicazione@protezionecivile.it

Addresses of the hystorical archive:
Main entrance: Via Affile 142 (Via Tiburtina - Loc. Settecamini)
Secondary entrance: Via Amaseno n° 50