Gamma network

Like the Remrad network, this network was created by ISPRA, the Institute for Environmental Protection and Research, following the lessons learnt by the Chernobyl disaster. The network is linked automatically to the control centre of Ispra emergency room, from which is possible to read data supplied by the stations, as well as file and evaluate them.

In case of nuclear accident, the network confirms the information made available by international systems, mainly in relation to the possibility of a nuclear contamination of the Italian territory.

In particular, Gamma network is composed by 50 detectors that monitor the artificial air radioactivity, calculating the gamma dose in it. They lie mainy in National Forestry Corps areas and the data are transmitted daily to the Eurdep system, that represents the data exchange platform of environmental radioactivity of the European Union, as provided for by the decision of the European Council 87/600/Euratom.