In the event of rain and hail showers


When conducting activities near a stream (even a picnic) or choosing an area for a campsite:

•  Choose an area at a proper distance from the stream bed, adequately elevated above the stream level, and far enough away from steep or unsteady slopes: intense rain showers could trigger sudden ground movements.

In urban areas

Most typical critical issues are related to the sewer system's inability to drain considerable amounts of water in a tight time frame, resulting in sudden flooding of roads. Therefore:

•  Be careful when passing underpasses; there is a risk of finding yourself with your vehicle half-submerged or submerged in water;
•  Avoid going to rooms such as basements, low floors, and garages; they are at high risk of flooding during intense rain showers.

In particular, when driving:

•  Even without flooding, asphalt suddenly made slippery by rain presents a dangerous hazard to drivers of motor vehicles or motorcycles, reducing road holding and the braking system's efficiency;
•  Limit speed or stop, waiting for the most intense phase of the storm to fade, which rarely lasts more than half an hour. Simply waiting briefly at a rest area is sufficient. During the most intense phase of a shower, visibility is significantly reduced.

In the presence of hail, the traffic warnings already mentioned for rain showers apply, concerning the consequences for the slippery state of the road surface and severe reductions in visibility. The duration of a hailstorm is usually relatively short.