During an earthquake

During an earthquake

If you are indoors

  • Find a shelter under a beam, in the doorway or by a load-bearing wall.
  • Watch out for things that could fall and hit you (plaster, ceilings, windows, furniture, etc.).
  • Pay attention to the stairs: in general they are not very resistant and can be damaged.
  • Avoid taking the lift: it can get stuck.

If you are outdoors

  • Move away from buildings, trees, lampposts, power lines: you could be struck by vases, tiles and other materials that can fall.
  • Pay attention to other possible consequences of the earthquake: collapse of bridges, landslides, gas leaks, etc.

After an earthquake

Make sure the state of health of the people around you and, if necessary, be the First Aider.
Come out with caution, wearing shoes: you may get hurt in the streets with broken glass.
If you are in a zone exposed to tsunami risk, move away from the beach and reach a higher place.
Limit, as much as possible, the use of the phone.
Limit the use of the car to avoid obstructing the passage of emergency vehicles.
Reach the waiting areas provided by the Civil Protection Plan of your Municipality.