Dst Unifi – Department of Earth Science of the University of Florence

It carries out activities for knowledge development, also in collaboration with other Competence Centres.

It creates and organizes in the Central Functional Centre the national monitoring and surveillance system for hydrogeological risk through the use of tele-data to measure rate and speed of movement and/or soil deformations following landslides or catastrophic collapse, and other geological instabilities.

It elaborates:

  • methodologies to identify triggering processes of gravity phenomena and models development;
  • methodologies to evaluate dangerousness of landslides and hydrogeological thresholds.

If defines procedures and operating protocols to:

  • identyfing, mapping, monitoring and real-time analyzing of risk scenarios especially about rapid mass movements;
  • localized survey and monitoring of areas subject to risk with InSar sensors on the ground.

It develops and carries out test exercises of tecniques and solid and economic systems of instrumental survey and data transmission in very aggressive environments, also submarine.

It carries out real-time seismic-acoustic and technical monitoring of dynamic processes of explosive volcanoes and their connection with the speed of gravity phenomena on the side of the volcano.

It contributes to strenghten monitoring and surveillance activities of Coa in Stromboli, and also the Department's technical and scientific assistance, regarding both explosive activity of Stromboli craters and triggering and landslide movements of the Sciara del Fuoco, also to predict possible seaquakes.

It carries out training and assistance activities for the Department and the Regions' staff.