Armed Forces

The Armed Forces participate in the National Service of Civil Protection, contributing to the protection of the national community and intervening in case of serious damage or danger to persons or properties. In the presence of emergency events, Italian Army, Navy, Air Force and Carabinieri provide logistical and operational support, qualified staff, means and tools. Armed Force’s support is guaranteed by operating units located throughout the country. The managed area is divided into zones of responsibilities and regions of intervention. The connection to the National Service of Civil Protection is secured nationwide by the Army Staff and locally by the Command of Military Region.

Natural Calamities
In case of natural disaster Armed Forces promptly activate personnel and equipment for search and rescue activities, debris removal, setting up rescuers’ base camps and recovery areas for the population, providing land, air and sea resources for the transfer of wounded people. Armed Forces govern flight operations in areas at risk, send their mobile structures for the coordination of aeronautical activities, activate the aerial photography means, even in infrared. They also set up an internal communication network, indicate logistic facilities to be used as gathering areas of rescuers and means, offer their resources to ensure emergency housing assistance.

Forest fires
In case of forest fires, Armed Forces provide personnel and aircraft for extinguishing activities, coordinated nationwide by the Department of Civil Protection through the Joint Air Operations Centre (Coau)

Humanitarian missions
Together with the Department, the Armed Forces are engaged in civil protection activities through humanitarian missions in Italy and abroad. They provide care and aid to refugees and displaced people, carry out projects in health, education, water and energy, as well as the reconstruction of essential infrastructure and collaborate with government agencies and non-governmental organizations working in the area.