Aries calculation system

Aries calculation system is a numerical system for evaluating the dispersion of polluting substances in the atmosphere. The system was designed and created for a real-time simulation of environmental consequences in case of a high concentration in the air and sediment on the soil of polluting substances, but can be used also for routine emissions evaluation.

It is linked to a phone line dedicated to the IT sysytem of the Air Force General Office for Metereology for a continuous reception of meteorological data supplied by European measurement stations and for the reception of prevision camps, made available by the relevant European boards.

The system has the following tasks:

  • forecast of the most typical weather conditions, such as cloudiness at altitude and ground level, precipitation, wind direction and speed at altitude and ground level;
  • real-time calculation of the possible diffusion of radioactive cloud and effects at ground level, at distances varying from a few kilometres to continental dimensions;
  • calculation of doses according to exposure following radiation (immersion in the cloud and soil radiation) and inhalation during the first phases of nuclear emergencies.