Aineva - Interregional Associations for Snow and Avalanches

It develops and manages products for treating, diffusing and filing meteomont data, it gives technical support to strenghten and rationalize snow monitoring networks and elaborates studies on characterisation of snow level speed and analysis of climate direction.

Regarding forecast and prevention:

  • it elaborates procedures for snow forecast and develops tools for evaluating criticality levels;
  • it elaborates thematic cartography on avalanches, phenomena modelling and definition of methods and technical addresses to feature event scenarios;
  • it develops organization models of functional centres and develops technical guidelines to elaborate tools for sectorial planning;
  • it develops procedures for evaluation of criticalities regarding avalanches.

It gives technical support for the development of sectorial regulations. It elaborates procedures for writing and diffusing regional bulletins of avalanches, it develops and sviluppa e diffonde prodotti informativi, anche per la prevenzione degli incidenti da valanga in territorio aperto. Fa attività di formazione e specializzazione tecnico-scientifica in campo nivologico.