Agency for Agriculture Supplies

It develops applications for using data of the National Agriculture Informative System- Sian to improve knowledge of agriculture and forestry and to improve and manage any phenomena linked to territorial monitoring and safeguard and resources such as soils, water and landscape features.

It manages data of agriculture and forestry production activities through the register of agriculture companies, that includes the management of any information regarding the companies' assets - fields, buildings and production means -, agriculture productions and community awards.

It develops infrastructure services to share management and cartographic information according to the rules of Public System of Connectivity and the Committee of technical rules on territorial data.

It creates and updates cartographic covering data and use of the soil of Sian, also to analyze and map specific phenomena of agriculture and forestry territories such as soil erosion, forest fires and monitoring of typical elements of the territory.

It provides earth observetion services from aerial or satellite platform and management of processing chains of data for the creation of digital and multi-spectrum ortophotos, radar images in X band, hyspectral images, DEM and DSM.

It organizes experimental activities based on new types of sensors with relative processing chains.