Advanced Medical Post in Mozambique

The Emergency Medical Teams (EMT) are field sanitary structures, specifically organized to work in case of catastrophe at long distance and in areas were the sanitary resources are scarce.

There are three types of EMT:

EMT Type 1, are the simplest, but at the same time are easy to transport and nimble. Their sanitary capacity mainly consists in urgent treatments for injured and critical patients. Here patients undergo to triage and to Advanced Life Support (ALS) treatment and then are transferred in an equipped structure for the hospitalization.

EMT Type 2, are bigger and equipped with an operating room for emergency surgical treatments and with an intensive care unit. They also dispose of a laboratory for analysis and radiological and ultrasound equipment.

EMT Type 3, are authentic field hospitals, with surgical capacity even for non-urgent operations, with a greater capacity for instrumental diagnosis (RX) and laboratory analysis, with an intensive care unit and with a greater capacity to hospitalize and assist their patients (40, up to 100), even those with special therapeutic needs.

These structures are much larger and more complex, thus require more space, more operators and more logistical support.

The Health Module sent to Mozambique is an EMT-2, in which about 50 health professionals operate, including doctors and nurses, from Piedmont Health Service. It is the first Italian EMT, certified on August 28, 2018.

The EMT arrived in Mozambique on March 26th and on March 30th was operative in Beira, with an average of 80 patients per day (of which 4-5 in the surgery). Here, since the beginning  all the Mozambican colleagues  (about 15) were immediately integrated with the Italian colleagues.

The EMT-2 plant active in Beira, Mozambique

The Italian hospital in Beira viewed from above