comunicato stampa26 marzo 2020

Coronavirus: un milione di dispositivi inviati nei giorni scorsi in Campania

The great  efforts and work currently in progress keeps ensuring effective response results  

As per the announcements made to the press by the Campania region Governor,  Mr.Vincenzo De Luca, it should be noted that – contrary to his publicly delivered statements  - to date, approximately one million PPE devices have been delivered to the Campania Region. In detail, the items provided are 788,600 thousand masks, approx. 99 thousand FFP2 and FFP3, 109 thousand latex gloves, over 3000 devices - including surgical gowns, surgical over-shoes  and protective helmets and visors - and 15 lung ventilators  for intensive and sub-intensive therapy.

The great  efforts and work currently in progress, also in view of the approval of the "Cura Italia" Decree, keeps ensuring effective response results  also in terms of  quantities of equipment  required   that  will increase on a daily basis.