State of Emergency


In Italy, calamitous events are classified according to size, intensity and response capacity of the civil protection system. For emergencies of national importance which must be tackled immediately with extraordinary means and powers, the Council of Ministers decides on the state of emergency, on the proposal of the Prime Minister, after having obtained the agreement of the region concerned.

The state of emergency may be declared upon the occurrence or imminence of natural disasters or events related to human activity in Italy. It may also be declared in the event of serious events abroad in which the Italian civil protection service is directly involved. The duration of the state of emergency may not exceed 180 days and may be extended by a further 180 days.

The state of emergency resolution sets the budget for the first interventions. Additional resources may be allocated, with a subsequent resolution, following the reconnaissance of needs carried out by the delegated Commissioners. The resolution also indicates the public administration responsible in the ordinary way that takes over the activities to definitively overcome the critical issues caused by the emergency.

In order to deal with the emergency, ordinances are issued in derogation of the provisions of the law but within the limits and according to the criteria indicated with the declaration of the state of emergency and in compliance with the general principles of the legal system. The ordinances are issued by the Head of the Civil Protection Department, or otherwise established by the resolution of the state of emergency. The implementation of the ordinances is carried out, in any case, by the Head of the Department. When the state of emergency expires, a "closure" ordinance is issued that regulates procedures for the ordinary takeover of the competent administration.

Emergency events classified by risk and area of responsibility are published below. In the single pages of the emergencies it is specified in detail tre data published.