1 agosto 2016

SIGE - Emergency management informative system

The Emergency Management Informative System (SIGE) provides a territorial picture of the affected area (with a resolution capacity of around 150 risk parameters, including population, population density, number and distribution of hotel rooms, number and distribution of classrooms, included in its database), enables calculation of losses, in terms of expected number of collapsed buildings, those unfit for use, damaged, plus victims, injured and homeless, with resolution on a municipal scale for all the municipalities coming within a radius of 50 km from the epicentre.

Via an internal contact system, the Office for Assessment, Prevention and Mitigation of Seismic Risk is able to provide an Emergency Response Report, which contains both territorial data and expected losses, for the latter giving not only average values, but also lower and upper limits that indirectly represent a measure of the uncertainty inherent in the estimates. An Emergency Response Report has been provided for all events of a certain level since 1996 and, thanks to comparison with real data, this has made it possible to “tweak” methods and parameters that form the basis for estimates.