26 luglio 2016

Italian Red Cross

Italian Red Cross (CRI) is Italy’s national company of the international movement of Red Cross and Red Half Moon and is an association of voluntary rescue operating in health and social assistance, during peace and war time.

The Central Crisis Unit is the department of Italian Red Cross that manages national and international emergencies of civil protection and defence, whereas the operating room is the area from which all the interventional, rescue and assistance operations are delivered. The National President or his civil protection Deputy plan civil protection operations, ensuring central management and joint direction and coordination of all central, local and support structures. They also promote the training of voluntary employees and personnel.

Natural disasters
In case of natural disasters, Red Cross employees units of evaluation composed by voluntary employees and personnel with health, technical and logistic, social and psychological competences.

Italian Red Cross provides with personnel and means to evacuate, to rescue and to assist wounded people by setting up military field hospitals, E.R. units and ambulances. Moreover the Red Cross is in charge of health defence, participates to search and reunification of missing people, guarantees the activation of devices to make water drinkable to be used by health structures and local distribution services