Are earthquakes and volcanic eruptions predictable?

Author: Civil Protection Department

Publisher: Civil Protection Department

Language: Italian

Pages: 263

Year of publication: 1990


Italy has a leading position in the rankings of hydrogeological, seismic and volcanic hazards.
While geological phenomena can be anticipated and avoided, earthquakes and eruptions can not be prevented or reduced in magnitude.
 The task of the Civil Protection Department becomes twofold: know the probability of occurrence of a phenomenon in order to prepare a proper defence iweill in advance; take preventive policies, together with regional authorities and the scientific advice of renowned researchers to mitigate the risk in areas exposed to these risks.
This book covers the main points discussed at a scientific meeting in Taormina on 13 and 14 April 1989, during which it has been tried to stop the circulation of news and untrusted confused concerning natural disasters related to volcanic and seismic phenomena.
The publication, by reporting few detailed studies and experiences of the countries most advanced in the field, constitutes a rigorous scientific tool and, together, a symbol of the commitment that the Civil Protection Department carries out daily.