Seismic microzonation for L'Aquila area reconstruction

Copertina della pubblicazione sulla microzonazione sismica per la ricostruzione dell'area aquilana Author: MS-AQ Work Group (2010)

Publisher: Abruzzo Region - Civil Protection Department

Language: Italian

Pages: 796 (3 volumes and dvd)

Year of publication: 2010


The publication is the result of studies promoted and coordinated by the Civil Protection Department with Abruzzo Region, that involved some 150 researchers and technicians of 10 Italian universities, 8 research institutes, the Order of Abruzzo geologists, 4 Regions (Abruzzo, Emilia-Romagna, Lazio and Tuscany) and the autonomous Province of Trento. It is one of the most advanced studies on the subject in the world, produced in a short time.The seismic microzonation for L'Aquila area reconstruction - provided for by art. 13 of order no. 3772 of 19 May 2009 - allowed to define the territory in a seismic prospective analysing the municipalities that were most struck by the 6 April 2009 earthquake, i.e. the ones where the quake had an intensity equal or superior to the 7° grade of MCS - Mercalli Cancani Sieberg- scale.

The publication, divided in four sections, after framing the geology and seismic dangerousness of L'Aquila area (Part I), describes contens and methods of the seimic microzonation studies (Part II) showing the surveys, numerical adn cartographic processing carried out in the 12 macroareas where the activities was undertaken (Part III and attached dvd). Part IV explains the relations between seismic microzonation studies and urban planning, by comparing the results of land uses with some of the worst hit municipalities.