The Major Risks National Committee in remembrance of Honourable Giuseppe Zamberletti.

January 27, 2019

We publish the text written with deepest and sincere condolence by the National Commission to remind Giuseppe Zamberletti.

 “The Major Risks National Committee expresses sympathy for the deep grief that affected the National Service of Civil Protection and the whole country after hearing about the passingof the President Emeritus Hon. Guseppe Zamberletti, architect and founding father of the Civil Protection.

The Commission, in this somber occasion, would like to underline Zamberletti’s forward-looking vision about the outstanding role of science in the field of risk prevention connected with natural and anthropic events and its service in support of a modern and aware society.

In fact, Hon. Zamberletti has been the first politician able to understand the necessity of a permanent scientific and technical support towards the governmental bodies, required to make sensible decisions about topics of social and economic impact. For this reason, since the mid of 1970s, Hon. Zamberletti promoted the institution of the Major Risks National Committee to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, thus making it possible to achieve in 1982 the promulgation of a Ministerial Decree appointing de facto an "interdisciplinary technical-scientific commission" called on to collaborate with the Minister for the Coordination of Civil Protection on issues related to the prediction and prevention of major risks.

During his long and intense political-institutional activity, Zamberletti had a very responsible role often related to emergency situations of national and international nature. He was appointed Government Commissioner first for the Friuli earthquake in 1976, then for the rescue operations and for assistance activities to Vietnam refugees in 1979 and finally as Government Commissioner in Campania and Basilicata after the 1980 earthquake. He had been also appointed Minister for the Coordination of Civil Protection, and President of the National committee for predicting and preventing major risks .
From an interview released by Zamberletti in the aftermath of the Emilia- Romagna earthquake in 2012, his clear-sighted vision emerges along with the rigorous technical-scientific approach with regard to one of current strategic challenge of nowadays, the mitigation of natural and humanitarian risks.

Friuli highlighted that the Civil Protection could not reduce its action at the first aid, but it had to be involved also in the field of prevention. This means to reduce vulnerability of buildings in case of seismic risk and of people in case of hydrogeological risk. The activity of Civil Protection ranges from prevision and prevention of natural calamities to the emergency response. However , the issue of prevention is the most sensitive issue. … Unfortunately the culture of prevention struggles to take hold in Italy, since it always implies economic burdens, also borne by privates. Often people do not have a real perception on the utility of these investments… There is a real cultural battle that needs to be pursued. The national education and information systems should commit themselves to ensure that the culture of prevention would become a shared property".

The Commission, sharing the words of its Emeritus President, commits itself to undertake this cultural battle, ensuring its institutional collaboration to the Department of National Civil Protection, at the service of the society.