Concordia ship emergency: the monitoring Observatory gathers in Giglio island

August 13, 2012

By the end of spring 2013 the ship will be place in vertical position and float again

Un'immagine della Costa ConcordiaThis morning a meeting of the monitoring Observatory was held at the island of Giglio. The Observatory was held on 14 June with decree of the Deputy Commissioner to guarantee the carrying out of removal and recovery project of the Concordia ship: it supervises the coherence of each activity according to the project planned by the Service Conference of 15 May and the correct application of the established limitations.

Analyses of the Observatory
. Over the past few months, the Observatory and technicians of the site carried out continuous and coordinated analyses, studies and surveys and verified different technologies requested by the entire project and by the neeed to prevent and control possible impacts on the environment.Perforation tecniques have been reconsidered following the mapping of seabeds, to minimize their effects. Actions have been defined to commence the monitoring of the marine (to keep under control the level of cloudiness of water, the diffusion of sediment, the flow of current, the life of marine mammals, etc.) and terrestrial environment (air, noise, vibrations, etc..).

The removal project. During the meeting, the Italian-American consortium Micoperi-Titan - winner of the tender to remove the wreck - presented the project in detail showing each phase of the plan. The project confirms the phases already planned by the Conference of Service and during the previous meetings of the Observatory. The detailed plan – that considers also the delivery times guaranteed by the sub-suppliers – refines the assessments previously referred and establishes an unpdated chronologial programme of works. By the end of spring 2013 the ship will be place in vertical position and float again, with a joined effort of each involved subject to safeguard the next summer season of Giglio, and, most importantly, the environment and the life on the island.The Micoperi-Titan consortium keeps up its commitment, shared with Costa Crociere and the Observatory, to pursue any useful solution to reduce the timeline, keeping the safety of works and guaranteeing the final result.

Composition of the Observatory. It is composed by representatives of institutions, boards and structures already involved in the emergency. In particular, representatives of Tuscany Region - that has the function of president - are part of the Observatory - of the Ministry of Environmentm, of the Civil Protection Department, Arpat, Province of Grosseto, Municipality of the Island of Giglio, of the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Infrastructures and Transport, of Ispra, of the Port Authority, of the Ministry of Health and of the National Institute for Health.