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30 years after Vermicino: safety and civil protection

June 11, 2011

Today in Rome the event organized by the Alfredo Rampi Centre 

Logo del Centro Alfredo Rampi

A theme trail on the prevention of large and small environmental risks, with an exhibition space - both educational and institutional - can be visited, to interact with the operators of environmental safety, prevention and civil protection fields: this is the 'Village of prevention and safety', the event organized by the Alfredo Rampi Centre, a non-profit organization, founded after the tragedy of Vermicino by the mother of the little Alfredino. The event, which takes place today in Rome at Villa Gordian Park, will also be attended by the Department of Civil Protection.

The Village of Prevention and Safety aims to reproduce in miniature the reality of the civil protection system, within which everyone interacts with the structures and components involved in an emergency from government departments, volunteers, citizens.

Inside the Village, the conference entitled "Security and Civil Protection - A 30 years Vermicino" was held: it represented a moment of reflection on what has been done so far and remains to be done in Italy in the field of prevention, civil protection and for the promotiion a culture of self-protection of citizens. Elvezio Galanti, Director of Institutional Relations and Titti Postiglione, Director of Voluntary work, training and communication office, intervene on behalf of the Department. There will be interventions also by the President of Lazio Region, Renata Polverini, the former Mayor of Rome, Walter Veltroni, and INGV - National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology. 

The conference will end  with the presentation of the book "Psicosoccorso -from the road accident to the earthquake," by Rita di Iorio and Roberto Biondo, dedicated to the issue of psychosocial assistance and its operations in an emergency situation. Cristiana Pizzi,  psychologist of the sanitary emergency health service and assistance to people of the Department, will join the debate.

In the afternoon a tutorial demonstration of techniques and rescue operations and civil protection, with all structures and components activated in an emergency, will be held. Parents and children are involved in the simulation research of a group of lost children.

The Centre and the tragedy of Alfredo Rampi Vermicino. The Alfredo Rampi Centre is an association that deals with the prevention of environmental risks, the promotion of a culture of safety and civil protection, training of the population and the psychosocial distress in an emergency. The Centre was founded 30 years ago by Franca Rampi, the mother of the little Alfredino, the child fell into an artesian well in Vermicino in June 1981 and died after three days of fruitless attempts to save it. 

In the historical path that led to the birth of civil protection system, even the tragedy of Vermicino marked an important step towards the realization of the limits of the system of relief and the need for greater coordination of the forces involved in the management of a ' emergency. This and other tragedies, first of all the Irpinia earthquake, that will fuel the debate civil and cultural merit of which will lead us to overcome the old operational framework for civil protection, with the birth, in 1982, the Minister for Coordination of Civil Protection, a sort of permanent special commissioner, and the Department of Civil Protection, established in 1982, always in the Presidency of the Council.



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