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Emergency psyco-social assistance: a day for collecting experiences

June 24, 2011

Available a sharing space on the 'Civil Protection' facebook page 

Experts and operators share experiences on emergency psyco-social assistance during the day that the Civil Protection Department organizes on 27 June in Via Vitorchiano premises.

The day is divided in 3 working sessions and starts with the interventions of  National Service operators about tecnical-operating functions of the institutions' psycologist, intervention models follow, with psyco-social care described by representatives of the main sectorial organizations – Psicologi per i Popoli (Psychologists for people), Sipem- Italian society for emergency psycology and Alfredo Rampi-Psic-Ar Centre. An intervention of the Civil Protection Department closes the day, showing possible future perspectives.

The meeting collects experiences made so far following the “Guidelines on psyco-social interventions during catastrophes', aiming at building a shared knowledge and intervention techinques for emergency psyco-social assistance.

The debate will go on also afterwards, only by clicking on the facebook page of the Civil Protection magazine. Following the seminar on emergency and disability, the Department has create a space also for the emergency psycology assistance, in order to share experiences of citizens and operators.

In particular, two discussion areas have been launched in occasion of the seminar: one is dedicated to experts of the sector and the other to anyone interested to contribute on the subject. Operators and citizens may post their experience, reflections, contributions or flag down appointments regarding the emergency psycology assistance.

From the analysis of various operators' experiences it will be possible to build new shared intervention models, define application areas and pick out the most important categories at risk. Other meetings will follow to define and share practices and the operators' basic knowledge on emergency psycology.