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Disabililty and Emergency: the Department's projects

June 22, 2011

 A seminar organized by the Civil Protection Department and the Fire Department held in Rome 

Seminario disabilità ed emergenza: un particolare“These initiatives are a sign of the vitality of the National Civil Protection System and show the ability of the system to look to the future. " With these words, the Head of Department of Civil Defense, Franco Gabrielli, opened the conference on "Disability and Emergency: proposals, projects and tools", held today, June 22, the Civil Protection Department and the Fire Department at the Institute Fire Prevention in Rome.
Stefano Marsella of the National Fire Department has launched the first session of the workshop dedicated to help people with disabilities in emergencies. Afterwards, Stephen Zanut Fire Brigade described the rescue and evacuation techniques for disabled people and the issues related to medical and legal assistance to people with mental disabilities.

The protagonists of the second session the voluntary Aquila Ens-Ente Nazionale Sordi, Aism-Italian Multiple Sclerosis Society and the UIC-Union Italian Blind and Visually Impaired, who recounted the experiences of disabled people in the earthquake in the Abruzzi.
Federico Federighi, director of Emergency Assistance to Population Health and the Department of Civil Protection, spoke of Beds in Service Delivery (Pass). Volunteers of the Civil Service of the project "Empowerment of the operators of civil protection and rescue of persons in maxi-emergencies" have made proposals for the organization of the areas and reception facilities for the benefit of people with disabilities and presented a card to classification function, disability and health of the person for temporary emergency housing allocation (CFDs),. The representatives of the Cooperative Consulting Europe, however, stressed the importance of the social network around people with disabilities.

The Director of Public Communication and Public Relations Barbara Alton then presented the new website of the Department and the new facebook page: a comparison space, to share the experiences of volunteers, associations and institutions.

Provide training for civil protection and raise awareness with respect to the issue of disability were the main topics of the intervention of Tweety Postiglione, Director of Volunteer Services, Education and Communication. Following Gregory Agresta explained the projects regarding the training of emergency disability of the Fire Department, Public Aid and Civil Defense.

Conclusions entrusted to Fabrizio Curcio, Director of the Office of Civil Defence Emergency Management Agency, which has launched a challenge for the future: the ability of governments to learn to listen to citizens, especially the disabled and both in emergencies and ordinary.ì.