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Disabililty and Emergency: a room for discussion on the web

June 10, 2011

Waiting for the seminar of 22 June, the Department promotes a dialogue among institutions, operators and people with disabilities 

logo_braccia"Disability and Emergency: proposals, projects and tools. " This is the title of the seminar, organized by the Civil Protection Department and the Department of Fire-Rescue Public and Civil Defense, that will be held on June 22 at the Fire Prevention Institute in Rome and will explore the issues of aid and assistance to people with disabilities in emergency. Europe Consulting Cooperative Associations of L'Aquila: Ente Nazionale Sordi, Italian Blind Union, Italian Multiple Sclerosis Society will also participate to the conference. 

Waiting for the seminar, the Department has decided to promote web space for debate on the issue and has launched two arguments in the "threads" of the official facebook page of the "Civil Protection" Magazine.

Disability in catastrophic events: tell us about your experience
This area hosts discussions and contributions of persons with disabilities who have received emergency relief and assistance, that have participated or cooperated in the rescue operations and assistance. Still, the space is open to contributions and reflections of people who aid or assist people with disabilities or who are interested in specific topics.

Disability in catastrophic events: the contributions of Institutions and Voluntary Associations
This space is dedicated to institutions and voluntary agencies engaged in major emergencies for the relief and assistance to persons with disabilities: the operators can post testimonials, thoughts and experiences. Associations and Institutions can also report and promote initiatives dedicated to disability in emergency and operator training.

To ensure full accessibility and dissemination of these opportunities to exchange ideas, even the national site of the Italian Union of the Blind and Visually Impaired will host the next forum in their day these issues.