Bad weather in Sardinia: updates from the Operational Committee

November 19, 2013

Serious damages in the provinces of Olbia and Nuoro, high number of victims and hundreds of evacuees

Un momento del Comitato Operativo10 a.m. update

The Operational Committee gathered this morning at 7 and 8.30 a.m. , called by the Head of the Civil Protection Department, to assess the serious situation of bad weather that is affecting the Sardinia region and coordinate the interventions of the National System of Civil Protection. Sardinia and Friuli-Venezia-Giulia Regions were connected with the Department’s premises in Rome, as representatives of every regional system of civil protection. The first meeting was held last night at 10 p.m.

The Head of Department reached the affected areas this morning to evaluate the situation with the representatives of institutions and local operating structures; afterwards, he will fly over Olbia, the municipality of Torpé and the dams of Maccheronis and of river Cedrino and then travel to the Ccs – Centre of rescue coordination in Olbia.

The 10 a.m. Council of Ministers has declared the state of emergency following the severe situation that hit Sardinia.
Olbia and Nuoro are the most affected provinces, with widespread flooding and disrupted roads. Major criticalities are reported in the municipality of Torpé, where 500 people were evacuated. They are now hosted in structures offered by the Municipality, and in hotels of the centre of Olbia. 2.500 people have fleed their houses and are being hosted in local structures, hotels or in relatives’ houses. 37 local organizations of voluntary work have been activated and are supporting evacuees.
Two people are still missing and 16 deaths have been confirmed, 13 in the province of Olbia-Tempio, 2 in theprovince of Nuoro and one in Orsitano.

Operating structures. Operations carried out by the Fire Department have carried out throughout the night and are still going on. Over 600 interventions have been carried out and teams from Tuscany and Lazio have reached the island. Corps of the National Alpine and Cave Rescue are at work. Men and means of the Armed Forces are available if needed.
Monitoring and verification operations are going on. The alert level is back to normal for the two dams in the province of Nuoro: the one of Maccheronis, in the municipality of Torpé; the second on the river Cedrino.

Essential services. Teams of technicians are at work to repair and limit damages. Criticalities are still being report for essential service, especially power supplies. About10,500 users have no power, but the situation is improving. Some disruptions also for the mobile phone network, although no criticalities have been reported.

Road conditions. Disruptions have been reported on the national and local road networks, following flooding and landslides. Particular criticalities on highways 129 and 131. Railways Olbia-Chilivani and Macomer-San Gavino are still interrupted. Despite the presence of debris, the port of Olbia is open. The airport of Olbia is also open, with partial limitations.

Motorists are invited to use the car only if strictly necessary and to verify road conditions before travelling. The C.C.I.S.S. channels provide updated news (1518 toll free number,,, iCCISS app for iPHONE), as Isoradio programs and news on Onda Verde and Radio-Rai three radio stations do.

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