Operative Committee: evaluation on Japan's new requests and national tools of civil protection

March 23, 2011

European civil protection modules and activation of health modules in case of great emergencies were among the topics

Comitato OperativoOn 22 March 2011, the Operating Committee of Civil Protection, convened by the Head of Department, gathered in via Vitorchiano for a situation with the components and structures operating on various aspects of emergency management.

The current emergency in Japan was the first item on the agenda. The activities of the Italian team coordinated by the Department were summarized: support from the Italian Embassy in Tokyo to monitor the levels of radioactivity in the area, along with the European Commission and the United Nations.

The Japanese Government has in particular requested the intervention of health care teams and forensic experts for the recognition of the victims. The team eventually made available by foreign countries to be self-sufficient in everything, including travel. This factor obviously limits the possibility of aid from countries far away from the scene of the emergency. The Japanese Government has welcomed Italy's ability to provide support in full compliance with the terms required and the Department - after sharing instances of the Operating Committee - is considering the real possibility of another intervention, even in reference to the continuous evolution of the situation .

The Committee shared information on the availability of the Department of European civil protection modules, which may have a different specialization, also in an international context. As of today, there are 74 modules registered by the different countries belonging to 18 different types. Italy has now registered six of these modules: a module for the plane contrast to forest fires, two PMAs - Advanced Medical Post - surgical units with the Group's Emergency Surgery of Pisa and March Region, a field hospital of 'Associazione Nazionale Alpini, two modules of the National Fire Service for search and rescue activities, one for a prompt departure from Rome and another from Pisa. Italy is the only country that has a field hospital, and has 50% of PMAs for medical and surgical units made available for the mechanism by different European countries

The issues of planning evacuation by plane of large numbers of sick people from areas affected by disasters and the mobilization of regional medical modules were also addressed.  In particular, in light of the results achieved during the drill European Terex 2010, which took place in Tuscany from 26 to 28 November last year, specific procedures for the activation of the medical modules were put in place. The procedures  will be brought to the attention of the Joint Conference, as soon as they will be shared with the regional civil protection systems.

Finally, the Head of Department briefed the Committee on the status of work on emergency planning in the Vesuvian and Flegrean areas, emphasizing on one hand, the main actions that the various components and operational structures will undertake to update the plans, and on the other, the need to strengthen the connection with local institutions and implement initiatives for increasing knowledge among citizens.