Chile: technical controls for delivery of the Italian hospital

December 7, 2010

The final controls are taking place in Chile for the opening of the Hospital donated to the people struck by the earthquake on February 27

The team with the job of controlling the efficiency of the healthcare structure, donated by Italy to guarantee health assistance to the country’s population, hit by a violent earthquake on February 27 arrived in Chile today, December 7.

The team, made up of three health technicians from the “fatebenefratelli malati lontani” - Afmal association and two officials from the Department of Civil Defence, arrived this morning in the region of Talca, where the Italian modular hospital is installed with the job of assessing the efficiency of the medical systems and equipment and of ensuring the training of the local staff responsible for this activity.

A second team, made up of five medical-sanitary units of the Afmal and two officers from the Department will be setting of on December 11, with the job of implementing the operation of the structure, performing training to the Chilean health personnel and providing support in the medical activities of the Italian hospital.
These procedures will enable the final delivery of the Italian hospital, officially opened on July 10, to the Chilean government. The structure – which cost more than 5 million euro – was built by the company MMH of Siena with the contribution of the Fondazione "Monte dei Paschi di Siena" and donated by the “fatebenefratelli per i malati lontani” Association to the Chilean Health Ministry. Following some inspections, the Chilean authorities had expressed the need for a new hospital in the district of Talca to replace the previously existing regional hospital which had been completely destroyed by the earthquake, which had meant that 8 of the region's 14 hospitals could not be used.

The Department of Civil Defence organised the transport of the field hospital to Chile and coordinated the set up operations.
The structure of the modular hospital
The hospital is partially made up of tents for the thoroughfares and the patients’ wards and partially of shelters for the areas of healthcare activity. It is equipped with:

2 operating theatres
1 surgeons preparation room
1 sterilisation room
1 intensive care room with 4 beds
1 x-ray department
1 analysis laboratory
1 emergency department
1 emergency surgery department (also for out-patient’s surgery)
1 pharmacy
1 service shelter
2 bathrooms for the health carers
6 tent wards (each with 10 beds)
6 connecting tents, one of which is very big and used as the entrance