10 - 11 November: tenth anniversary of the European Civil Protection Mechanism

10 anni meccanismo 


Civil protection and humanitarian aid facing disasters and crises together – Reinforcing cooperation on the field for a more efficient International response capacity
Type  International conference
When  10 – 11 November 2011
Where Central National Library 
Viale Castro Pretorio, 105 - 00185 Rome
Language English is the official language of the meeting. A simultaneous translation service towards is provided for the following languages: Russian, Italian, French and Arabic.
Organizing board/s Civil Protection Department and Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Civil protection and humanitarian aid facing disasters and crises togetherThe European Civil Protection Mechanism, established with a deliberation of the Council of 23 October 2001, on its tenth anniversary demonstrates a strengthend collaboration in emergency managing in EU and non-EU countries. The collaboration has been carried out following the principle of subsidiarity, according to which, in case of disaster, any intervention can be undertaken in coordination with and upon request of the affected country.
Over the last few years, during emergencies such as the 2004 South-East Asia tsunami in 2004, the 2010 Haiti earthquake, the floods in Pakistan and Humanitarian Emergency in North-Africa, countries have requested the use of the Mechanism, demonstrating the ongoing between the UN and the European Union for an international disaster response. The ever-growing sinergy between civil protection activities and humanitarian aid makes the European Mechanism an important actor in the area of humanitarian emergencies. 
The UN-EU collaboration is at the centre of the conferene debate that will be developed during the two-day event on 10 and 11 November, organized by the Civil Protection Department and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the objective of defining an approach of disaster responde, agreed and shared by each party.
This important evolution was already announced by the Communication Unit of the European Commission on 26 October 2010 "Strengthening the European response to catastrophes: the role of civil protection and humanitarian assistance" with the purpose of improving the deployment of civil protection and humanitaria aid competences and resources, in case of emergencies.

The document of the Commission, that aims at adopting a new strategy for natural or man-made catastrophes management, has its bases in art. no. 196 of the Treaty of Lisbon. The agreement aims at "promoting consistency in international civil protection".

It is another important step towards the future proposal of the Commission of the legislative reform of the European Commission, in order to strenghten disaster responses through:

- availability of resources, both programmed and voluntary, of the States,
- poilitis of prevention to support the entire system of the Mechanism; simpler procedurs and the creation of  the’Emergency Response Centre as part of DG – ECHO, General Direction for Humanitarian Aid and Civli Protection,
- development of the Monitoring and Information Centre (MIC) with the task of monitoring humanitarian and civil protection emergencies.