"Italy's Earthquakes" exhibition

L'immagine all'ingresso della mostra "Terremoti d'italia"

Event Earthquake of Italy
Category Exhibit
Language Italian, English

Messina - Palazzo della Cultura

Viale Boccetta,343

When January 8-26, 2019
Visiting Time • Monday-Saturday: 8.30-18.30
• Sunday: 8.30-17.30

Organized by

Civil Protection Department and Municipality of Messina


L'ingresso della mostra "Terremoti d'Italia"“Italy’s earthquakes” touring exhibition, promoted by the Civil Protection Department, introduces us to one of the most widespread natural risks in our country: the seismic risk.

During the last century, in Italy, 60 earthquakes caused damage and twenty of them were so destructive that they caused the death of 120 thousand people, besides devastating entire urban centres and triggering off the paralysis of productive activities in the affected areas. Today we know that almost half of our country is subject to a high seismic risk and that 40% of the population lives in these areas.

“Italy’s earthquakes” aims at boosting citizens, especially the youngest ones, to play an active role in the prevention field, through the memory of past seismic events and the knowledge of the natural phenomenon, its effects, the tools used to measure its force, the behaviour that needs to be adopted in risky situations, the technological solutions to reduce the vulnerability of buildings. But it is also a live experience. Two spectacular seismic platforms, specifically built to simulate a seismic motion, allow the visitors a safe “experience” of an earthquake and a close observation of its effects.

“Italy’s earthquakes” deals, in its various sections, with these themes using an easy language and a wide typology of exposed contents: documents, photos, educational videos, documented footage of past earthquakes and measurement tools from different eras, anti-seismic devices based on recent technologies. Thanks to the collaboration of archives, libraries, public and private boards, the exhibition is more and more enriched at each stop with original exhibits, that illustrate the seismic risk characteristics in a given territory. “Italy’s earthquakes” is an exhibition for everybody thanks to the possibility of a multidisciplinary learning and participating approach.