International drill Twist - Tidal Wave In Southern Tyrrhenian Sea


International drill Twist - Tidal Wave In Southern Tyrrhenian Sea

Il logo dell'esercitazione TwistThursday, October 24, 2013. A landslide of the submarine volcano Palinuro triggers a tsunami wave, which struck off the coast of the southern Tyrrhenian Sea and in particular the province of Salerno, hitting residential and industrial areas, ports, agricultural plots and cultural heritage. Numerous victims and missing people, both at sea and in land. Several boats and ships sunk or damaged . Spills of polluting substances in the open sea and along the coast . Blocked roads. Floods. Blackouts.

This is the scenario of the international tsunami risk which takes place in the Province of Salerno from 24 to 27 October as part of the Twist - Tidal Wave In Southern Tyrrhenian Sea – project, co-funded by the European Commission. The exercise is organized by the Civil Protection Department in agreement with the Region Campania, in collaboration with the Prefecture and the Province of Salerno, with the involvement of the city and other coastal municipalities in the province of Salerno.

The Twist project aims to increase the awareness of citizens and institutions on tsunami risk, either through operational activities, training and dissemination of knowledge, and supporting civil protection planning at the local level. Twist also aims to implement the system response of the European Civil Protection Mechanism in complex emergencies. The international drill is part of the implementation phase of the project Twist.

Specialized teams of men and means also the civil protection structures of Croatia , France, Greece, Malta, Portugal and Spain will take part to the drill activities - which involve the components and the operating structures of local and national level of the entire National Service of Civil Protection A team of experts from the European Civil Protection Mechanism has also been engaged in field work. Delegates of the Italian regions of other European Union countries participating in the Mechanism European and national and international organizations will take part as observers.

The objectives. The exercise aims to:
• Check the operational response of the Italian civil protection , both central and peripheral;
• test the procedures of the European Civil Protection Mechanism;
• verify the procedures for the acceptance and use of teams and European experts;
• assess the interoperability and integration of European civil protection modules;
• test the effectiveness of communication between the different levels of decision making and operational risks;
• promote the development of strategies to mitigate tsunami risk in local government;
• promote the dissemination of knowledge of tsunami risk and, more generally, of the culture of civil protection in the population.

Activities. The exercise kicks off Thursday, October 24, with the verification of the operational response of the civil protection system at central, regional and local levels. Activities are provided for the simulation of rescue interventions and assistance to the population in some municipalities in the Province of Salerno, with the participation of voluntary organizations of civil protection of national, regional and municipal groups. Some specific scenarios will involve also the most vulnerable population and in particular persons with disabilities. Also on Thursday, the arrival at the Fiumicino airport and deployment on the territory of international teams from six countries will be simulated, according to the procedures laid down in the model of Host Nation Support.

On Friday 25 and Saturday, October 26 is put to the test the ability of intervention of the European teams, specialized in the business of search and rescue diver and cave - mountain -river , working alongside the Italian teams of the Fire Department , Navy military and Coast Guard , with the support of the Police Forces , in scenarios at sea and on land. European experts in environmental risk assessors work together in teams of Italian experts on scenarios dedicated to safeguarding the environment . There are finally dedicated scenarios to test procedures for the identification of the victims and for the protection of cultural property in the event of an emergency. In the same days, the municipalities of Centola and Camerota will also test the results of the pilot project, an experimental support to municipal planning.

With the aim of encouraging the development of strategies for prevention of tsunami risk and the spread of the culture of civil protection, in the weeks before the drill, in the towns and in schools in the Province of Salerno, training activities for managers and technical officials of municipalities and school administrators and security managers of schools were also carried out.

For the entire month of October - with the campaign Tsunami I don’t take risks - communication activities for the population with the aim of improving the knowledge of tsunami risk and behaviour to be taken to reduce its effects were held in the squares of coastal towns of the town of Salerno.

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