Gmes European Programme


In 2001 the European Union launched the Gmes - Global monitoring for environment and security programme, with the aim of coordinating satellite observation technologies of the Earth with the traditional systems, such as collecting data on the field.

The three communities of Gmes. The Gmes programme was born ten years ago, under the direction of the European Commissionand the European Space Agency, with the support of EU Member States. It avails itself of the joint work of three communities: the first, a scientific one, develops methodologies of satellite data analysis; the second is an industrial one and supplies cartographic products; the third is the users’ community and detects useful information in emergency management to control, analyze and verify products and services supplied.

Safer Project. In order to make the Gmes-ers service work, in 2009 the Safer project was activated, and for the first time was able to develop a chain of production of cartographic products. The Civil Protection Department coordinates the users’ community for the project and represents Italy, other EU countries’ civil protections – along with France and Germany – and the international aid community. The society E-Geos, along with other components of the national industry, represents the Italian industrial community. TheNational Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology and the University of Florence represent the scientific community.

LinKER Project. The Gmes-Ers service, in its pre-operative version, has already been activated and tested during calamitous events or drills, both in Europe and the rest of the world. The latest version of the service is now available and provides, besides the production of emergency cartography in real time, the creation of cartographic products in deferred time on users’ request, with prevention and evaluation purposes. The LinkER project was born to facilitate the use of the service, with the aim of defining procedures and access applications to Gmes-Ers for different users, based on their specific needs.

GEOSS Programme. Through Gmes, the European Union participates to the Global Earth Observation System of Systems programme with the aim of creating a world system for the Earth observation network and transform the data collected worldwide into precious information for our society, useful also for managing natural and man-made emergencies.

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