AIB 2015 campaign


AIB 2015 campaign

Canadair impegnato nel recupero d'acqua The 2015 forest fire campaign starts on 15 June and ends on 30 September

As provided for by the framework law on forest fires, the President of the Council of Ministers supplied to Regions, Autonomous Provinces and relevant ministries with the  “Recommendations for a more effective fight again forent and interface fires and consequent risks", in order to adopt the necessary initiatives to prevent and tackle the phenomenon. The document contains tasks, responsibilities and initiativies that the various boards and adminsitrations will have to take on for an effective action and coordination of the deployed forces.

The Department of Civil Protection, that coordinates the fire fighting fleet across the national territory through the Coau - Joint Air Operating Centre, has diffused to Regions and Autonomous Provinces the operating procedures for the request of air collaboration, supporting regional apparatuses.

The air fleet engaged in the Aib Campaign 2015 is composed  – in the period between 15 and 30 June  –  of six Canadairs of the National Fire Department. The final deployment will be defined shortly for the whole duration of Aib Campaign, that will see an increase of the availability of air means in the period of highest attention between July and August. 

The air fleet is at the moment displaces in four headquarters that cover the whole national territory. 

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