Office IV - Emergency Management

Director: Fabrizio Curcio
telephone: 06 68204400
fax: 06 68204089

The Office represents the reference structure for defining, activating and coordinating the operational response of the Department in emergency situations under way or planned in Italy and abroad. Through the link between operative rooms and its components and the structures of the National Civil Protection Service, the service provides monitoring of the territory during emergency situations or for the planned ones.

It prepares and manages the activities of the Operating Committee of Civil Protection, with the assistance of other offices. It defines guiding acts for the planning and management of a national emergency; it sets, rapidly when requested, criteria for the definition of organizational and operational coordination and masters civil protection drills.

It coordinates the use of the Department logistical resources in case of emergency. 

It defines and coordinates the efforts of the Department in the area of emergency health and psycho-social assistance for the population.
During national emergencies - both planned or underway -  it activates people and coordinates the infrastructure of national mobility and essential services, including fixed and mobile operators. It handles the activation of emergency tele-communications system and implementation of initiatives to ensure efficiency and continuity of communications during emergencies, planned or underway.

The office is divided into:

Servizio coordinamento della Sala Situazioni Italia e monitoraggio del territorio (SISTEMA) ed emergenze marittime (COEMM)
Servizio procedure, pianificazione di emergenza ed esercitazioni
Servizio gestione delle risorse in emergenza
Servizio emergenza sanitaria e assistenza alla popolazione
Servizio mobilità e servizi essenziali
Servizio telecomunicazioni in emergenza

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