The States-General of Civil Protection Volunteers

On 13-15 April in Rome, at the Faculty of Literature and Philosophy at the University Roma Tre, the States-General of Volunteers in Civil Protection will meet.
The appointment is a significant step in the direction taken by volunteers and institutions to discuss, in a broad an active context, the themes that those who are involved in active citizenship have on the major topics.

Representatives of national organizations, local associations and local municipal groups will meet to discuss: their different elements in the voluntary sector, which is an extraordinary reality of our country. About 250 delegates will make comparisons on topics that deal with "values, representation, roles and resources". Given the importance of active and participated comparisons, the Department has launched an on line consultation that all volunteers can join.
This year’s States-General meeting will be the first since March 2000 when the National Voluntary Civil Protection met at Orvieto and 11 years after the issuing of the decree (DPR 194 / 2001) that regulates the participation of voluntary organizations in civil protection activities.

The meeting will also celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the National Service of Civil Protection and the thirtieth anniversary of the Department. The meeting will enable us to reflect on the role of voluntary work and its changes within the system of civil protection in Italy.

The three days. The meeting will commence on 13 April in the presence of the highest state officials and departmental heads of the National Service of Civil Protection.  The day of 14 April is entirely dedicated to the "experts" who will address issues divided into four study groups.
The States-General meeting will finish on 15 April with the presentation of the works outcome.
It is possibile to participate only if invited. Daily reports will be published to enable all concerned the possibility to follow the work and actions of the meetings.

If you want to contribute on preliminary document/s, access the form and read the rules of consultation. If you can not complete the form, you can access it at a later stage and finish the procedure by sending your contribution.

For clarifications, write to

Local civil protection associations, municipal groups and national organizations are a valuable element for operational response in emergencies. Nowadays, more than ever volunteering signifies daily preventive action that implies a constant connection with the institutions and the public. Matching the different areas and levels of intervention, preserving individual characteristics and simultaneously include the actions of voluntary work in a more general system of responsibility and coordination is a goal as urgent as it is delicate and complex. The meeting of the States-General will draw on past experiences and lay the foundations of a new organic and dynamic structure, which will be able to meet the diverse operational needs and integrate with the new realities.

"Roles and operating methods" - the document (ita)

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