Premises of the Department

The Department of Civil Protection is a structure of the Presidenct of Council and is located in Rome. It has three premises: a representative one in the centre of Rome, that includes the office of the Head of Department and offices and services closely collaborating with him, and two outside the centre, one with operating functions and one for equipment storage. 


Un'immagine della facciata della sede di Via UlpianoIts historical premises are in Via Ulpiano, 11, in the city centre. It was here in 1982 that the first nucleus of the Department was established under the leadership of Giuseppe Zamberletti, appointed extraordinary commissioner for the Irpinia earthquake in 1980.

The building dates back to the end of the 19th century and was one of the first buildings built in the Prati area of Rome, preceding the Court building next to it by a few years. Initially it held the offices of the national authority of ex-servicemen and now houses the offices of the Head of Department, the secretary, the Vice-Head of Department, the Legal counsellor, the Media office and the Human resources and IT systems management and the Insitutional Relations office.

As the years passed these offices became insufficient for the structure’s needs, which uses increasing amounts of scientific instruments for the risk forecasting and prevention activities and thus required more space.

List of offices and services of the premises:

Civil Protection Department
Via Ulpiano 11 - 00193 Roma
Switchboard 06 68201

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