Seismic Risk

Posizione geografica dell'Italia, nella zona di convergenza tra la zolla africana e quella eurasiaticaItaly is one of the countries in the Mediterranean with the highest seismic risk, due to its particular geographic position at the convergence of the African and Eurasian plates. The highest seismicity is concentrated in the central-southern part of the peninsula, along the Apennine ridge (Val di Magra, Mugello, Val Tiberina, Val Nerina, Aquilano, Fucino, Valle del Liri, Beneventano, Irpinia) in Calabria and Sicily and in some northern areas, like Friuli, part of Veneto and western Liguria. Only Sardinia is not particularly affected by seismic events.

National Plan for seismic risk prevention (art. 11, Abruzzo Decree Law)

After the Abruzzo earthquake of 6 April 2009 a new legal measure was issued in order to give a stronger push to seismic prevention. Article 11 of decree no. 39 of 28 April 2009 provides for the funding of seismic risk prevention works on the whole national territory and allocatetes 965 millions euros in 7 years. The Civil Protection Department manages the carrying out of art. 11, and orders of the President of Council of Ministers regulates it.

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Sicurezza degli edifici scolastici

La nuova scuola di San Giuliano di PugliaSeismic checks on schools and interventions of structural and anti-seismic reconstruction to reduce the effects of the earthquakes: these actions see the commitment of the Department of Civil Protection - through the Regions - for safety in schools. The actions aim at seismic prevention started in 2002, right after the Puglia and Molise earthquake, that in San Giuliano di Puglia caused the collapse of the school "Francesco Jovine". This section contains an update on the interventions funded and carried out.

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