Tsunami Risk

Cartina del Mar Mediterraneo con l'indicazione grafica (data e intensità) dei maremoti che si sono verificatiEvery coast of the Mediterranean Sea is exposed  to tsunami risk due to the high seismicity and to the presence of various active volcanoes, both emerged and submerged. Over the past thousand years, along the Italian coasts, tens of tsunamis have been reported, but only some of them were destructive. The most affected coastal ares are the ones of Eastern Sicily, Calabria, Puglia and Eolie archipelago. Minor tsunamis were recorded also alonlg Ligurian, Tyrrhenian and Adriatic coasts. Italian coasts can also be reached by tsunamis generated far from our country (e.g. following a strong earthquake in the waters of Greece).

Sei preparato?

Being aware and prepared is the best way to prevent and reduced the consequences of a tsunami.

What to do in case of a tsunami?

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Gestione delle emergenze

Il ruolo del Dipartimento nella gestione delle principali emergenze causate da maremoti, in Italia e all'estero

Eruzione e maremoto a Stromboli nel 2002

Terremoto e maremoto nel Sudest Asiatico nel 2004