This page is dedicated to information regarding the staff; the major part of such data is published also on the Government website, in the section Transparent Administration.
Information regarding top management administrative roles are available on the page the Head of Department in the section "Organizational Chart". Other information are published on the website of the Government in the "Personnel" staff. In particular, there are information available on maanger assignments with reference to the assignment paperworks and curriculum vitae and absence and presence rates of the personneltassi. Publication of these data is provided for by, respectively, articles 15 and 16 of legislative decree no. 33/2013.
On the same page the National Collective Labour Agreement for the staff of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and the new Code of behaviour for public officers can be consulted, approved with decree of the President of the Republic and published on 4 June 2013 on the Official Gazette (Italian).

- Top management administrative roles (Government website)
- Personnel: managers or assignment holders, staff, etc.  (Government website)
- Absence and presence rates of the personnel (Government website) 
- Collective agreement and intergrative agreement (Government website)

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