This page contains information on the organization of the Department of Civli Protection, as provided for by article 13 of the legislative decree no. 33/2013.

We refer to the page of the Government website for information on political and administrative boards and to the section "Organizational chart" for information and data regarding the Department of Civil Protection, with its regulations. The Organization chart shows how offices are organized and competencies of each office. Names of directors and managers are published as well, each with their own telephone number. e-mail and certified e-mail. that for the Department of Civil Protection are the same. Information are available also in graphic format. The publication of these contents was at first provided for by article 54 of legislative decree no. 82/2005, and then by article 13 of legislative decree no. 33/2013.

- Political and administrative organs (Government website)
- Organizational chart: office, telephone numbers and e-mails
- Certified