Organization chart

The last amendment to the internal organization of the Civil Protection Department is in force since 10 July, 2017 with the decree of the Prime Minister of 9 August 2016 which abrogated the previous decree of the President of the Council of Ministers of 7 November 2012.

The functions of the offices and services of the current organizational chart have been identified by the Decree of the Secretary General of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers of 10 August 2016.

The Department is divided into seven offices and thirty-four services. The Deputy Head of Department, the Legal and Legislative Activity Service, the Organization Service, Strategic Planning and Internal Audit, the Press Office, the Secretariat of the Head Department and a manager with tasks of consulting, study and research.

The Office of the Operational Director for Emergency Coordination supports the Head of Department in the coordination and unitary direction of emergency activities.

In addition to this office, the Department includes six other offices, including: Office I - Volunteering and Resources of the National Service, Office II - Promotion and Integration of the National Service, Office III - Technical and scientific activities for the prevention and prevention of risks , Office IV - Emergency Response and Support for Structural Interventions, Office V - Human Resources and Instruments and General Operation Services, Office VI - Administration and Budget.

The publication of these contents was originally provided for by Art. 54 of Legislative Decree no. 82/2005, subsequently reproduced by Art. 13 of Legislative Decree no. 33/2013.

Department’s Organizational Chart

Below are the links to the individual offices and services where activities carried out and references of the responsible directors and executives can be found.

Head of Department

     Organization, strategic planning and internal audit
     Press Office of the Department
     Secretariat of the Head of Department
     Legal and legislative service

Vice Head of Department

      Litigation service

Operational Director for Emergency Coordination

     Emergency planning and drills
     Operational support in emergency
     Sala situazione Italia and Operations Centre for Maritime Emergencies– COEMM
     Joint Air Operations Centre – COAU 
     Mobility and essential services

Manager with tasks of consulting, study and research

Office I – Volunteering and Resources of the National Service

     Resources and national and territorial ready-to-use structures 
     Healthcare resources
     Emergency telecommunications

Office II – Promotion and Integration of the National Service

     Communication and public relations 
     Diffusion of knowledge of civil protection 
     Institutional relations and collegiate authorities
     International relations and activities 

Office III – Tecnical-scientific activities for risk prediction and prevention

     Central Functional Centre
     Seismic risk
     Volcanic risk
     Environmental, tecnological and forest fire risks     
     Hydraulic, hydrogeological, water and coastal risks 

Office IV – Activities for emergency recovery and support of stuctural interventions 

     Activities for emergency recovery and return to normal conditions 
     Activities for damage evaluation and provisional measures 
     Support of structural interventions and managements returned to normal conditions

Office V – Human and instrumental resources and general operation services 

     Personnel management 
     IT and communication systems 
     General operation services management
     Trasparency and integrity

Office VI – Adminsitration and Budget

     Budget, planning and financial affairs 
     Contractual policies and agreements 
     Handling of payments