Central boards

comitato operativoWhen building the National Service of civil protection, the need to create a connection for the activity of risk prediction and prevention on the one hand and for emergency management on the other progressively emerged.

For this reason, starting from 1982, a technical-scientific committee was established to give an authoritative opinion on scientific matters and to direct risk prevention research. With law no. 225 of 1992, the Committee became the connecting body between the National Service and the scientific community. Since 2006, the National committee for predicting and preventing great risks has been an independent structure with respect to the Department of Civil Protection, because it is presided over and made up of experts qualified in the subjects of interest for civil protection.

The Operative Committee is, however, the body which ensures the joint management and coordination of the emergency activities. It gathers when Italy Situation Room becomes a crisis unit and the calamity directly involves the Department of Civil Protection. Established in 1984, it obtained its current set-up in 2006. The committee is presided over by the Head of Department and is composed by representatives of the National system of civil protection.