Certified e-mail

logo pecThe Certified e-mail (Pec - Posta Elettronica Certificata) represents the communication tool par excellence of the digital administration: it responds to simplification, efficiency and low costs criteria, according to the e-government plans of the last decade. The communication channel fulfills the the need of instant, transparent and low costs relations arriving from the citizens, as well as the need of data authenticity and unalterability of the Public Administration. 

The adoption of Pec guarantees a better communication flow among the Public Administration, citizens and companies, compared to the tradition one, as well as full legal value, that other tools - e.g. ordinary e-mail - cannot ensure.

This type of communication has institutional characteristics, such as the sender's certain identification and contents integrity, creating a common image of a closer relationship with the Public Administration. 


Citizens can send their requests or reports to the Contact Center also through traditional channels such as postal mail or fax. They can write to:

Dipartimento della Protezione Civile
Ufficio I - Volontariato, formazione e comunicazione
Servizio comunicazione istituzionale e relazioni con il pubblico
Via Vitorchiano, 4
00181 Roma

or send a fax to: 06 82888779

Anonymous communications or without sender's address will not be considered.

In order to be contacted and to receive the ID code, citizens are requested to specify their telephone number.