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Meteo-hydro alert

Visit the section to know if in the place where you are or where you are heading to meterological, hydrogeolocial or hydraulic phenomena are expected, today or in the next few days .

The section contains also the links to the websites of structures of Regions and Autonomous Provinces that issue the alerts of the local systems of civil protection.

Are you prepared for an emergency?

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Servizio Nazionale


La “protezione civile” è l’insieme delle attività messe in campo per tutelare l’integrità della vita, i beni, gli insediamenti e l’ambiente dai danni o dal pericolo di danni che derivano dalle calamità: previsione e prevenzione dei rischi, soccorso delle popolazioni colpite, contrasto e superamento dell’emergenza e mitigazione del rischi. La protezione civile non è un compito assegnato a una singola amministrazione, ma una funzione attribuita a un sistema complesso: il Servizio Nazionale della Protezione Civile.


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Voluntary Work

In our country volunteers of civil protection are a lively resource composed by over 800,000 members throughout the national territoryand over 4,000 organizations registered in the national list of the Civil Protection Department.

In the pages of the section you will find information of the National Council, regulations, procedures and forms useful to the organizations.

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The National Civil Protection meritorious service award can be received by any personnel from all State Administrations and forces, but also by volunteers nominated by administrations, organisations or member associations that have in any way helped people affected by severe emergencies or large-scale events.

List of certificates awarded

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