Sanitary Risk Emergencies

Organizing medical assistance is one of the most complex aspects when dealing with a catastrophe as the facilities must be able to guarantee a rapid response right from the first hours in order to be able assist as many people as possible. The Department has the role of coordinating operations in emergencies, to help with the assistance and to send camp facilities – Pma –, specialized teams of doctors and nurses, medical and basic supplies; first aid assistance is supplemented, where necessary, by camp hospitals and personnel for medium to long term medical assistance.

The principal medical operations in Italian and foreign emergencies, where the Department has taken an active part either independently or was included in expeditions coordinated by the European Civil Protection Mechanism.



Health interventions during Abruzzo earthquake - 2009

Croce rossa in un'area di accoglienza in AbruzzoOn 6 April 2009 an earthquake at a magnitude of 5.9 hit L’Aquila and the Abruzzo region, causing heavy damage to buildings, production facilities, infrastructure and to the cultural heritage. Victims numbered 308, 1,500 people were injured and over 67 thousand evacuated.

The major damage to the local health system were the cracks opening up in San Salvatore dell’Aquila hospital, the only one in the area, forcing the decision to evacuate all the patients to other hospitals in the Abruzzo , Lazio and Marche Regions. The medical assistance during the first days was concentrated on assistance operations through the emergency number 118, setting up first aid posts, providing medicines and medical, psycho-social assistance and implementing public hygiene and veterinary procedures.

Health interventions during Abruzzo earthquake emergency

Psycho-social activity in Abruzzo