Today, over two thirds of our peninsula are prone to hydrogeological instability, with risk of landslides and floods.
Prediction and prevention have been strategic for dealing with the hydrogeological risk for some time now. Contact with the world of scientific research is increasingly closely knit as well as the use of new technological systems to estimate the foreseen damages and to monitor vulnerable zones in the event of extreme weather conditions such as floods or drought.
The Department’s major operations in hydrogeological emergencies are given hereunder.

This section contains the main hydrogeological emergencies for which the Head of Department has been apppointed as Commissioner or that involved the Department during the post-emergency reconstruction.

Montaguto landslide

frana di montagutoIn March 2010 incessant rainfall reactivated the landslide at Montaguto, in the province of Avellino, which blocked the railway line from the capital and Naples to Puglia. The Civil Protection Department coordinates all activities for safety checks in the area and for the landslide restraint.

Cerzeto landslide

frana di cerzetoIn March 2005, the hystorical centre of Cavallerizzo, fraction of Cerzeto, was hit by a landslide. The area of the municipality of Cosenza (Calabria Region) was already in a serious condition of hydrogeological instability. The Department carried out studies on the area and a decision to move the village of Cavallerizzo was eventually taken. Reconstruction works for the new settlement of Pianette began in 2007. In February 2011 new allotments started to be assigned to the population.

Tiber flooding

esondazione del tevereViolent rainfalls hit Rome during December 2008 causing the flood of the river Tiber. After the first phase of the emergency, a plan for the 'new Tiber' was studied, with cleaning and reclamation interventions and works aimed at the safety of the portion of the river flowing in the city of Rome.


Below the emergencies in which the Department was directly involved with a team of experts supporting local and territorial boards. The section is being updated. La sezione è in via di aggiornamento.

Alluvione in Veneto

Alluvione in VenetoTra la fine di ottobre e l'inizio di novembre 2010 il Veneto viene colpito da un'ondata di maltempo. Le zone più colpite sono inizialmente le province di Verona, Vicenza e Padova. In seguito la situazione diventa critica in tutta la regione, con l'esondazione di diversi corsi d'acqua.


Alluvione di Messina

Alluvione di MessinaIl 1°ottobre 2009 un violento nubifragio colpisce la Sicilia orientale causando frane, esondazioni di fiumi e allagamenti. La situazione più critica è nella provincia di Messina, dove alcuni centri abitati rimangono isolati. Il Dipartimento interviene subito a supporto degli enti locali per coordinare i soccorsi.