Central Italy earthquake - how to donate

As provided by the law decree 189/2016, converted into law 229/2016, donations to the solidarity number 45500 and payments into the bank account activated by the Department of Civil Protection will flow into special accounts of the Extraordinary Commissioner for reconstruction and will be handled according to the Memorandum of Understanding for the activation and deployment of solidarity numbers.

Cash donations

The Civil Protection Department has opened a bank account with Monte dei Paschi di Siena, to raise money for the population affected by the 24 August 2016 quake and by the following ones occurred on 26 and 30 October 2016.

It is possible to donate using Italian and foreign bank accounts.

Bank: Monte dei Paschi di Siena - Filiale di Roma Via del Corso 232
Iban: IT 44 P 01030 03200 000006366341
REF: “Central Italy earthquake emergency”

Please note that in case of bank transfers from abroad, the following BIC/SWIFT is required: PASCITMMROM

As of May 12, through bank transfers to the Department’s bank account the amount of donations has reached 9,396,537.80 euros.

Text to donate (Italy telephone providers only)

On December 31st, the number 45500 has been re-activated: it is possible to donate via text message or calling from a landline.
The new fundraising, unlike the previous one, will be allocated to the project “Ricominciamo dalle scuole”, addressing reconstruction and safety interventions of schools in Lazio, Marche, Umbria and Abruzzo.
The initiative, promoted by Rai, in agreement with the Extraordinary Commissioner of the Government for the reconstruction and in collaboration with the Department of Civil Protection, was closed on February 14, 2017,
The following telephone providers participated to the initiative: Tim, Vodafone, Wind- H3G, Fastweb (landlines only), Poste mobile, Clouditalia, Convergenze, CoopVoce e TwT.

The first initiative, promoted after the August 24 earthquake and closed on October 9, totalled 15 million euros. The second initiative, activated after the October 26 and 30 shocks and closed on November 30, totalled 4,415,294.00 euros.

As of February 14th, closing day of the third fundraising through the solidarity number, the amount of donations has reached 3,473,710.00 euros.